There Is No Substitute For Personal Attention.  We Provide The Accountability, Expertise, And Motivation
You Need To Close The Gap Between Your Best Intentions And Finally Achieving Your Fitness Goals


What Makes FT Different?

We specialize In Private One-on-One Personal Training and Private Small Group Training (called PACK, which is limited to 4 participants).

We take a Comprehensive Approach to results, which means that you receive the  individualized fitness training, nutritional and cardiovascular coaching, mind-set strategies and accountability required for results.

You benefit from a Customized Program that has been designed specifically to help you progress from your current fitness level toward your goals safely and quickly.

You will train in the comfort of a clean, welcoming, state of the art studio ... staffed with the most experienced and educated trainers in the Charlotte area. 
No Intimidation ... only motivation, encouragement and accountability.

Is FT Right For Me?

Are You Willing To Listen, Learn, and Work?  You must be willing to listen, to accept coaching and motivation, and to work hard.  We don't sell magic pills and we don't sell unicorns ... but we will help you change your life.

Are You Willing To Change?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result is the definition of insanity ... and we're not insane.

Can You Handle A Little Tough Love?  Accountability is where the rubber hits the road.  Skip training sessions? ... you're going to hear from us.  Consistently make poor nutrition decisions? ... we're going to have a sit down.  There is no shortage of love ... but you come to us for results, and we don't lose sight of that.

Are You Ready For Results?  We've built our reputation over the last 10+ years on consistently delivering life-changing results ... it requires expertise, accountability, and motivation on our part ... and it requires clients who are ready to make a change and ready to get results.

How Do I Get Started With FT?
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Fitness Together Personal Trainers

“I’m feeling pretty good about FT.  I’ve still got some questions, but I think I’d like to take advantage of the 3 sessions for $99 JumpStart*.  Please contact me so we can get the ball rolling ... I’m ready to get some RESULTS!”

You got it!  Fill out the form to the right to get started and we’ll contact you ASAP to answer any questions, discuss your goals, and get your first consult scheduled.

*JumpStart includes (3) One-on-One Sessions OR (5) Small Group Training Sessions


Rick Anderson Fitness Together Charlotte

“I’d like to learn more about how a training program with FT would benefit me specifically before moving forward.  Is there anything you can send me to help?”

Absolutely.  Just fill out the form to the right ... we'll collect a little info (goals, history, etc.), then build a Personalized Program Preview just for you.  Your Program Preview will help you get a better feel for how your program is likely to be designed, what kind of results you can expect ... and how fast.  We'll have it in the mail to you within 24 hours.

Pesonalized Program Preview

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